Porsche 996 986 CDR21 CDR220 Becker CD Head Unit Radio Code Service

We are able to supply lost code or PIN numbers for CDR-21/CDR-220/CDR-23 radios. The units must have been manufactured by Becker or we cannot supply the code.

We will require the serial number of the radio unit mounted in the dash. We can deliver the code by email or text message (please let us know what you prefer). A printed card will not be issued.

Delivery time is usually within 1 - 24 hours during business days, however, can take longer.
Important Notes: By purchasing a code / pin number, you agree that you are the legal owner of the unit in question or a legitimate agent acting with permission on behalf of the owner. It is your responsibility to ensure you supply the correct details and that the unit is fully functioning; once payment has been made there is no return on the code.

If the wrong details are provided or the unit turns out to be faulty, then you will have to purchase the code again or have the unit repaired. N.B. The code CAN NOT be generated from your VIN number.

Supported head units:

CDR-21 (BE2260 & BE2280)
CDR-220 (BE4462 & BE6625)
CDR-23 (Non-MOST/non-CAN BUS model only)

The radio serial number can be found on the side of the radio/head unit or to access the radio/head unit serial number:

Press the tone button once, then 8 + 0 simultaneously and "Becker" will appear.
Press ‘station up’ (right arrow). "PR-VERS" appears.
Press 'station up' (right arrow) and "SERIAL N" will appear. Press button below > icon and the serial number will appear - note the serial number.

Once the radio code has been obtained - enter the radio code and press 'station down' (right arrow) to confirm the code entry - The radio will start working.

Hold down the TP button for at least 10 seconds after you turn the radio on. "Becker 1" will be displayed. Rotate the right knob (slowly) and it will display the Becker model number. Then rotate it again and the serial number should be displayed on the radio - note the serial number.

The code will be emailed or texted to you within 48 business hours.

N.B. Listing is for radio code service - not the radio/head unit itself.


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