The OEM transmission mount was designed for ride comfort and is prone to sagging and tearing – above all, it is a detriment to performance.  Its empty voids allow for too much transmission movement, resulting in sloppy handling, numbed responsiveness, and imprecise shifting.  Racecars utilize a solid metal mount to mediate this, which is impractical for street use as it transfers extreme noise and vibration into the cabin.

So how do you achieve the benefits of a solid mount while retaining daily drivability?  FUNCTION-FIRST Performance offers the most effective and easy to install solution.  Our durable urethane rubber insert simply slides in to fill and fortify the empty voids of the OEM mount, preventing premature bushing wear and undesirable transmission movement, all while transmitting minimal added noise and vibration.

The result? Handling is taut and predictable; power delivery is immediate and smooth; gear changes are crisp and confident.

Installation can be completed in about 1-hour.  Pressing out the stock transmission mount bushing is NOT necessary, since the insert halves slide in from either side and are then held in place by the transmission support brackets upon reassembly.

Choose between three hardness levels:

1. SOFT (60A) | Orange - for added performance and to restore and preserve your OEM mount with minimal NVH

2. SPORT (70A) | Yellow - for tuned and sport-oriented performance street cars, with less NVH than TRACK version

3. TRACK (80A) | Black - for optimized performance on track and racecars where NVH is not a consideration

Please be aware: Although the inserts will help prevent the OEM bushing from tearing, if the bushing is already torn, it will need to be replaced. The inserts serve as a supplement to the bushing, not a replacement. In some cases of extreme bushing sagging, a vise or C-clamp with adequate silicone based lubrication will aid in installation of the inserts. (The 996 series bushings, especially, have a tendency to distort and sag over time.) For 996 GT and Turbo applications, please make sure that you are ordering the correct Insert for your transmission mount. Several customers have found that previous owners with failed OEM trans mounts had them replaced with the 997 unit, and that Transmission Mount Insert design is different compared to the 996 unit.

PLEASE NOTE:  The OEM bushing is shown for illustrative purposes only and is not included with the Transmission Mount Insert

Part Number: 996 MAN INSERT
Brand Function-First Performance
SKU N10236
Shipping Weight 0.5000kg

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